About us

Insight Medical Systems (IMS) is a medical solutions provider to the healthcare sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Through our extensive knowledge and which is backed up by years of experience in the Saudi healthcare market, IMS has a solid reputation in providing all round cutting edge technological systems to enable our customers to achieve sustainable, clinical and financial outcomes. This is only possible through IMS diversified portfolio of specialties and continuously evolving in the fields of:


To provide the Health Care Sector in Saudi Arabia with efficient and professional Medical Services and improve the quality of life of patients by focusing on Health & Safety.


To be among the top 5 Medical Distribution Companies in Saudi Arabia, installing and maintaining the latest,become the center of excellence for HealthCare Services throughout the development of innovative business solutions designed to improve the quality of life.


To be the best supplier of the highest quality of healthcare products in the Gulf. We will supply our customers with high quality products with reliable delivery performance at a competitive cost.